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Important Announcement

WBA Families - During recent years, there have been a growing number of unacceptable and harmful incidents perpetrated by fans and coaches during youth sports events. Many of you have seen the worst of these incidents on the news and, perhaps, in person.

The consequences of such behaviors too often stretch beyond a moment in time. Given the fact that young children are frequently witnesses to such behaviors, the lasting harm done to their social, emotional and psychological development is a major concern. Simply put, adults must model and reinforce positive behaviors at youth sports events.

In an effort to respond to a worsening of such behaviors, the Metrowest League has prepared a brief video that outlines the problems experienced in recent years as well as the policies that have been put in place to guide behavior by spectators. Take five minutes to watch this video with your player(s):

Metrowest has also required all coaches in the league to complete an online training course relating to behavior by coaches, spectators, and players.
Further, please remember that the WBA requires all players and parents to sign the Player Code of Conduct (your child's coach should have shared this document with you already).

Finally, parents/guardians previously signed the WBA's Waiver, Release & Rules of Conduct, and Parent Guidelines when registering their child for basketball. Among other things, the WBA's Waiver document sets forth a "no tolerance" policy for misbehavior by spectators, players, and coaches.

Beyond the terms of these policies, it is, of course, your ability to lead by example and offer a positive role model as a parent, spectator, and coach that will ensure the success of these policies.
Gary Grassey
WBA President


2022-23 WBA Covid Policy


CORI, Coaching: Skills & Drills, Conduct, etc. 

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