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Winchester Basketball Leadership

2023-24 Contacts  *Denotes Board Member

Gary Grassey


William Joyce


Matt Ossen

Equipment Manager*

Luke McInnis

Covid-19 Coordinator

Robin Ketterer

 Travel BB Scheduling*

Nicole Baltzer

Registrar & Website*

Anthony Forcione

TOPS Basketball Coordinator

Marty Mahoney

Saturday Night High School
Basketball Coordinator

Bob Ryan


Sam Mosley

Girls Jump Start & Girls Summer Clinic

John Fleming

Boys Jump Start & Boys Summer Clinic






 Travel BB Scheduling

Age Group Coordinators

Matt Ossen

Girls Grade 8 Co-AGC

Marc Rossi

Girls Grade 8 Co-AGC

Scott Andrews

Boys Grade 8 Co-AGC

Dave Fiorentino

Boys Grade 8 Co-AGC

Brandon Monk

Girls Grade 7 AGC*

David Shaw

Boys Grade 7 AGC*

Brent Faduski

Girls Grade 6 Co-AGC

Jeff Kushmerek

Girls Grade 6 Co-AGC

Kerri McKeever

Boys Grade 6 AGC

Brad Coffey

Girls Grade 5 Co-AGC

Michael Machin

Girls Grade 5 Co-AGC

Ben Coffin

Boys Grade 5 AGC*

Lesley Santini

Girls Grade 4 AGC

Jim Salinetti

Boys Grade 4 AGC

About Winchester Basketball Association

The Winchester Basketball Association (WBA) is a private 501(c)3 non-profit entity. The WBA was established to provide opportunities for children in grades 3 through 11 to learn the fundamentals of basketball, while having fun.

At the 4th through 8th grade levels, travel teams from the WBA compete in the MetroWest LLC league, which is made up of similar youth basketball organizations throughout Eastern Massachusetts. In grades 3 through 5, WBA players participate in local instructional clinics.

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