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WBA Summer Clinics - COVID Safety Protocols


Winchester Basketball Association (“WBA”) is committed to providing a safe environment for participating players and coaches. The protocols below are informed by guidance issued by the CDC and Massachusetts and local health departments. In accordance with the CDC’s recommendations, we urge players and coaches (who are eligible) to be vaccinated before attending the WBA Summer Clinics. 

WBA will have a zero-tolerance approach towards non-compliance with the protocols below, and non-compliance could result in the removal of a player or coach from the clinic. 

Daily Screening:

  • The role of families and caregivers in checking clinic participants for symptoms each morning will serve as the primary screening mechanism for COVID-19 symptoms. If any COVID-19 symptoms are present, clinic participants and staff members must not attend the clinic.

Masks (Indoors v. Outdoors):

  • Masks will be required for both clinic participants and staff who are playing indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This requirement applies to all players and staff members who participate in the Winchester High School and Lynch Elementary School clinics.  
  • No masks are required for clinic participants or staff when playing outdoors at the Manchester courts clinics (behind McCall Middle School). 
  • Every clinic participant and staff member required to wear a mask (indoor clinics) is expected to bring their own mask, as well as a backup mask. 
  • Disposable masks will be available, if needed, at the indoor clinic venues. 
  • Masks must meet the following standards:  
    • Is not a bandana, gaiter, or scarf
    • Fits snugly against side of face
    • Completely covers nose and mouth
    • Is secured with ties or an ear loop
    • Allows for breathing without restriction
    • Includes multiple layers of fabric, preferably cotton. (Polyester alone is insufficient)
    • Has no vents or valves 
  • Indoor clinic participants will take periodic mask breaks in spaces where distance between individuals will allow masks to be removed.

Basketballs (Indoors v. Outdoors): 

  • Each player who participates at the indoor clinics (Winchester High School and Lynch Elementary School) will be provided with their own basketball. Each day, these players must bring his/her own basketball to the indoor clinic, and the ball must be labeled with the player's name.  
  • For the outdoor clinics (Manchester court, behind McCall Middle School), each clinic participant will be required to bring their own indoor/outdoor basketball. Each ball must be labeled with the player’s name.

Hand Sanitizing & Washing:

  • There will be an emphasis on hygiene throughout the clinics.  
  • We will encourage hand washing throughout the day at the clinics and will have sanitizer readily available for all participants. 
  • Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol may be used at times when hand washing is not available. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be used under the supervision of staff. 
  • Staff will educate clinic participants on the proper use of hand sanitizer. 
  • Each player and coach may also bring his/her own hand sanitizer.  
  • There will be reminders about the importance of hand sanitizing during the clinic.

Cohorts/ Teams:

  • Coaches are assigned to the same cohort for the duration of the session. Coaches will not float between cohorts.

Staff Training/Orientation:

  • During staff orientation, we will review the COVID-19 protocols, including the importance of education on reporting of symptoms, daily hygiene, etc.

Camper Orientation:

  • An orientation will be provided to clinic participants at the start of each session to review COVID-19 protocols, encourage and educate on reporting of symptoms, and to stress the requirement of not coming to camp if sick. In addition, clinic participants will receive reminders about the use of hand sanitizer and how to request a replacement mask.

Facility Sanitization (Winchester High School and Lynch Elementary School):

  • All areas of these facilities will be cleaned using appropriate EPA approved material. These areas will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.


  • No family members of players or other spectators are allowed at the clinics.


  • COVID-19 safety protocols are subject to change based on CDC and local health authority guidance.


v June 17, 2021